Looking for a great massage

experience in St. Louis?


I don't heal, fix, or cure. I relieve, I relax, I coax, calm, comfort, assist, alleviate, soothe, ease and support.

Booking a massage at Calliope Massage Studio means an integrated approach designed to work with you to calm your nervous system. These techniques are inspired by deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, heat therapy, DNM, and Thai massage. In the perfect balance of therapy and relaxation, sessions are slow and deep, working with the body instead of against it. Whether you are seeking relaxation or relief, each session is tailored to your body's unique needs. 

Calliope Massage Studio is a body positive, diversity-friendly, queer-friendly, trans-affirming, trauma informed practice. Our goal is to always honor your comfort and to create a space where we can work together to alleviate your pain, stress, and tension.

Our clients are: acrobats, bartenders, chefs, dancers, nurses, teachers, construction workers, athletes, aerialists, carpenters, and hopefully: you!